"LINPROJECT” was established in January 1991 from a group of young engineers of architecture and construction. At that time, it used to be called“ Bureau for projection of construction buildings – LINPROJECT. Soon it became a very trustful bureau for projection of modern residing buildings. Parallel to projection we started to deal with construction as well, at beginning we dealt with supervision and later we started to deal with organizational of construction works of different buildings. After few years of this experience, LINPROJECT – became a very serious company of projection and construction with 30 employment whereas the number increased at 50 during seasonal works in summer.

The projecting company “LINPROJECT” with years employed professionals of different profiles such as: architects, construction engineers, economists, electro – engineers, geologists, jurists, technologists etc. Thanks to a professional spectrum of a young age intellectuals which characterizes this bureau and the readiness to sacrifice all institutions found a comprehensive support in this bureau.